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All along Galli Enoteca shop, the beautiful scent of the best italian and international grapes. A story of a italian family and his passion for white, red and rosè wines which is passed down from two generations. A Story that was born strictly "off line", with a real Italian Wine Shop (Enoteca) situated in Senigallia in its historic city center, which thanks to the new generation is now the reference for all the wine lovers but also a reference to who is looking for wine online. Wines and distillates have been selected with passion and competence from small and not so known producers to bigger ones. Producers of wines that trasformed their passion into a profession, men and women that belive in what they do with no tricks, using traditional methods and respecting mother nature. We know one by one all our wines, because of that we can recommend you only the best.

From ages the wine is a part of men's life.Can you believe that the first vines have been found three hundred milions years ago, while the first traces of cultivation were founded for the first time on the shore of the Caspian sea. We can say that wine is a part of our italian and worldwide cultural heritage. Strange but true, this special and good fruit of the earth with his different shapes, colours, taste and aromas is now the phenomenon of the "online" sales. On our Web site you will found a wide collection of wines carefully selected by ours professinals sommelier and a full telephone or e-mail assistance if you need help or a tip to choose the "right" wine for your special moment. Please call us, it wiil be a pleasure to get to know you and guide you through our ecommerce!